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- Bring in business during slack times?
- Attract new customers and reward loyalty?
- Rotate your stock faster?
- Try out new lines?

You can do all this and more, when you become an UBU.world vendor. UBU. is a free advertising platform that places your offering directly in front of new customers. Geolocation allows your offering to reach relevant citizens, making UBU. the most efficient marketing tool in your armoury.

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More customers, more trade, more profit. What’s not to like? You can use the UBUs. you receive for other goods and services – or convert them to a cryptoasset, UBX. that is exchange traded.

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Take TK for example. TK owns a burger restaurant. He sells goods for UBUs. and accumulates 20,000 UBUs. a month through trading. He spends 10,000 UBUs. with his suppliers and retains the balance. He also uses UBU. as a loyalty programme and earns 1,000 UBUs. for every customer he refers. He refers around 20 customers a month – earning another 20,000 UBUs.

At the end of month one, he has 30,000 UBUs. He uses these UBUs. to bid for UBX., a cryptoasset that increases in value as the UBU.world grows. At current exchange rates that can buy him 30 UBX. As the network grows the UBU. exchange rate will change, and TK’s business will grow. TK could have 200+ UBX. over the course of 1 year.

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UBU. is the cash-free way to live, trade and give.

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