Universal Basic Income

Universal Basic Income vs. Addiction
Will giving people free money create more addicts?
Natalie Denning [September 2017]

Out of 44 estimates of drug and alcohol spending, 82% of these studies showed a decrease in spending. In fact, researchers found only two instances in which cash transfers led to an increase in spending. Read more

Here’s what the most successful people in the world think of UBI
Futurism [June 2017]

Views from Elon Musk, Mark Cuban, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Steve Wozniak, Barack Obama & Hillary Clinton. Read more

The Basics of Basic Income
by John Kay, St John’s College, Oxford [April 2017]

A very sound argument against UBIs as welfare remodeled. This plays to our belief that tax based UBIs are unsustainable. Read more

This map shows where you're most likely to lose your job to robots
Business Insider [June 2017]

Visualisation of jobs and wages facing the USA owing to automation. Read more

Universal Basic Income: The answer to automation?
Futurism [May 2017]

Infographic of impact of UBI programmes around the world. Read more

Video - The Rise of the Machines. Why Automation is Different this Time
Kurzgesacht [June 2017]

Why automation in the information age is very different from previous instances. Read more

Finland trials universal basic income of €560 every month
by Matthew Reynolds for Wired [January 2017]

“The trial comes after a study into universal basic income, which started at the end of October 2015, presented its preliminary findings to the Minister of Social Affairs and Health in March 2016.” Read more

The Important Part Of India's Economic Survey - Universal Basic Income:
by Tim Worstall for Forbes [January 2017]

“There's an interesting puzzle here which is that the UBI is discussed in many countries and the usual point of failure is that it would just be too expensive. And yet for India, a much poorer country than others where it is discussed, it would be greatly more affordable.” Read more

Elon Musk: If humans are to survive, we must merge with machines:
by Neil Bhavsar for Futurism [February 2017]

“Elon Musk thinks that, as AI technology and automation continue to replace jobs and more traditional technology, humans will become obsolete and need to merge with machines.” Read more

My Father-In-Law Won't Become a Coder, No Matter What Economists Say
Dustin McKissin, CNBC contributor, Linkedin [July, 2017]

“We need to begin by acknowledging the fact that we have to rethink the relationship between human beings, work, and the economy. Read more

The Future Of Not Working
Annie Lowrey for The New York Times Magazine [Feb 2017]

Silicon Valley invests in non-profit GiveDirectly, a UBI programme distributing digital cash over mobile phones in a 12 year-long experiment. Read more

Being open-minded about universal basic income:
Ugo Gentilini and Ruslan Yemtsov for The World Bank [January 2017].

“A unifying constraint in countries across the income spectrum is red tape. Social assistance is underpinned by processes of targeting, application, eligibility verification, registration, recertification, and monitoring – with a vast set of programs sometimes having their own individual processes.” Read more