Nodes Capsule

Nodes are citizens who are rewarded for growing their communities. You earn 1,000 UBUs. for everyone you introduce to UBU.world. And up to 500 more UBUs. for each citizen your direct recruits introduce.

As more citizens join, more vendors will come on board to serve them. That attracts more citizens and the value of the network grows. You have your fair share of it. Once you have applied to be a node, you can convert your UBUs. into UBX. The UBX. will be exchange traded, and the value determined by the size and activity of the community. A range of values is shown here to demonstrate two nodes’ potential rewards.

Tsidi is a node and has introduced 10 of her friends. And these 10 friends, between them, introduced 30 new citizens. She can earn up to 25 UBX. Sammi is a node and has introduced 20 of her colleagues who between them, introduced 80 more. She can earn up to 60 UBX. Both make good money.

Nodes chart

You will need to first register as a citizen before you can register as a node. Visit UBU.app to register as a citizen and then come back here to continue registering as a node. Are you a registered citizen?

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