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It takes only 30 seconds.

And you’re a registered citizen.

You receive 100 UBUs. free, direct to your mobile wallet each day, for the rest of your life. You don’t pay a cent for your daily UBUs. Ever.

Receive UBU Direct to Wallet

They’re yours to trade for things you want. From a coffee and data, to music and a meal. You can support a cause or learn a language.


You join a growing marketplace of citizens and vendors.

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There’s no obligation, only an encouragement to use your UBUs. as the balance in your wallet decays by 1% per day. The more UBUs. you spend, the more you gain. Vendors also gain new and happy customers, or trade them for cash. For example, if you register as a citizen in March 2019 you could earn enough UBUs. in a year to exchange them for 13 UBX. at the current exchange rate of 1,000 UBU./UBX. The UBX. is an exchange listed cryptoasset that can be traded in the open market. Estimated future cash value:

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This is how it works: More citizens lead to more vendors. More vendors then lead to even more citizens. The more the network grows, the more valuable it becomes. You own a share in the wealth you helped to create. Because you have value. Become a citizen of UBU.world, it could be the most financially rewarding 30 seconds of your life.

UBU. is the cash-free way to live, trade and give.

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