Money, the weapon of choice
Bubble, trouble, hodl and forks: Money, the weapon of choice
Justin McCarthy [18 June 2018]

Like politics, religion and economics, money is a social construct. Money is no more than a collective system of trust. If you sell a bicycle for R500 you trust that the R500 cash the buyer gives you will be fungible for food or electricity or another bicycle. If the buyer offers you an IOU, you’d be a lot more reluctant to conclude the transaction, especially if they were unknown to you. You’d be equally reluctant to accept R500 worth of gold, not least because of the requirement to weigh, value and validate the quality and authenticity of the gold. For the same reason, unless you are familiar with the crypto world, you’d be reluctant to accept Bitcoin, in part because you wouldn’t know how to transact in it or what to do with it.  Read more

Cash is no longer king
Bubble, trouble, hodl and forks: Cash is no longer king
Justin McCarthy [18 June 2018]

Chapter one dealt with an introduction to blockchain and cryptoassets. In this edition, I explore more on the purpose of Bitcoin’s existence, what it may or may not mean for the world of finance, economics, governments and social structures.  Read more

Blockchain and Bitcoin
Bubble, trouble, hodl and forks: Blockchains and Bitcoin
Justin McCarthy [18 June 2018]

I “discovered” Bitcoin in 2013, and like most regular folk couldn’t readily get my head around the concept of a decentralised digital currency and cryptocurrency mining. I am not a techie, a coder or a quant, and while I’ve been involved with a variety of consumer technologies for over a decade, this was a whole new level of head scratching for me. In this series I will attempt to decode in everyman language myth from fact, bubbles from bloats, coins from tokens, bullshit from banter.  Read more

UBU Cycle
UBU - A currency based on the portfolio effect of celebrating human potential
Millard Arnold and Dudley Baylis [3 November 2017]

“The argument I use in explaining the essence of Project UBU is that we seek to introduce a fundamentally different perceptive on how society might be structured, which has at its core the appreciation and primacy of human value.” – Dr Millard Arnold Read more

Chair in Stadium
Project UBU - Using Block Chain Technology to Solve Intractable Marketing Problems
Viroshan Naicker [2 November 2017]

A major use of the Internet has been to match customers to businesses. Advertising is what drives the revenue streams of the internet's megaliths Google and Facebook, and the intelligent use of customer data to advertise is what Amazon's retail empire is built on. A result of this is extreme personalisation: the information that we receive through these services is attenuated to our historical tastes and preferences. Algorithms, these days, do the job of figuring out what you would like to buy, and selling it to you. On the other hand, customers are savvier, and more information is available on product reviews, prices and service complaints.   Read more

Hand in Ocean
Project UBU - A Software Upgrade for Tackling Global Poverty
Viroshan Naicker [1 November 2017]

As a teenager with a paraplegic parent, an article that I read over and over again is In Service of Life by Rachel Remen. She speaks of the subtleties that differentiate the experiences of helping and being helped, and serving and being served: helping is not a relationship amongst equals. We help from our strengths and create the ‘helped’ as inadequate and in need of fixing. Serving, on the other hand, is an acknowledgement of our mutual vulnerabilities and culpabilities as human beings. Helping, she argues, is the work of the ego while serving is the work of the soul.  Read more

UBX Crypto Token
Why invest in the UBX token?
Viroshan Naicker [23 October 2017]

Project UBU is a cryptocurrency system that aims to deliver a Universal Basic Income product to the marketplace. The basic premise is to use a block chain protocol to deliver a fixed amount of tokens called Universal Basic Units or UBUs into a participating “citizen” wallet. The tokens may be spent at participating vendors or exchanged between citizens, and the UBU mobile phone application acts as both a marketing system and a financial service. A separate application is in development for vendors, and this also works as a point of sale payment system. As a means of funding the growth of the project and the enrolment of citizens and vendors, an ITO has been offered for the an UBU derivative product called the UBX token. The UBX pays the holder an amount of UBUs per month that scales up with the number of participating citizens. The article below explains why the UBU and UBX will hold value for investors.  Read more

Wotif Foundation
Project UBU runs live blockchain-enabled e-wallet test at wot-if Foundation
Dudley Baylis [15 September 2017]

On Thursday 15 September, Project UBU ran a live test of their e-wallet application at the wot-if Foundation’s Social Good Summit at the Father Louis Blondel centre, in Diepsloot, Johannesburg. Click to view a transcript of a talk given by Dudley Baylis, Project UBU founder.  Read more

Trade, Finance and Money - A Matter of Trust
Steven Sidley [21 September 2017]

The matter of trust seems have settled at the centre of things of late. Trust. That bond which friends want to assume, lawyers try to encode, political parties wish to project and of which government fear the loss. Trust, a nebulous and fleeting concept which we all seek but cannot define. Trust, a virtue which we all self-imbue, even those who delude themselves. Trust is in the news, daily. From the fake news storms of the ...  Read more

A possible way to prevent world capture, massive wealth disparity & social chaos
Dudley Baylis [21 July 2017]

The design of the world’s money system is fatally flawed. The most fundamental aspect of it – notably the concept of an interest rate – is contrary to the dictates of physical laws and results in skewed ownership and control of resources which must ultimately result in societal chaos. Since money ultimately represents the capacity of a person or group to direct resources, and resources are a direct consequence of energy flows, money can...  Read more

Money, currency and value
Justin McCarthy [21 July 2017]

"The farther back you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see" – Winston Churchill. As humans, we are socially conditioned to a monetary system that rarely, if ever, gets questioned. Assuming you know a five year old child, how would you answer them if they asked you “Where does money come from?” Pause momentarily to think about how you’d answer that. The explain-it-to-me-like-I’m-five test is my go-to when trying to...  Read more